• Journal of Applied Arts &Sciences

    The Journal of Arts and Applied Sciences is an internationally recognized scientific journal that seeks to publish specialized scientific researches in the field of applied arts and the arts in general, and in design and technology sciences in particular. It is published every three months (January - April - July - October) Exceptional specialized in one subject. Specialized in publishing specialized scientific researches in the field of applied arts and its sciences provided by faculty members, researchers, specialists in universities, research centers and technicians inside and outside Egypt in Arabic and English.

  • Scientific Journal for Financial and Commercial Studies and Researches

    In 2019, the Scientific Journal of Financial and Commercial Studies and Research (SJFCSR) was established, the first issue of it was published in January 2020. The SJFCSR is a refereed scientific journal concerned with publishing original research written in Arabic and English, as well as book reviews, abstracts of theses and scientific reports in any field related to financial and business sciences, including: financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Managerial Decision Making, Finance Management, Human Resource Management, International Management, Global Comparative Management, Operations Research in Management, Economics, Public Finance, Comparative Tax Systems, Strategic Management, Environmental Management, TQM, And stock markets, Statistical Applications in Commercial Science, Mathematics of Insurance, Portfolio Analysis, and Risk Management.

    SJFCSR welcomes the publication of manuscripts that will develop theories, test and enrich financial and business practices, and give priority to research that provides scientific and practical solutions to the financial and administrative problems faced by organizations. The SJFCSR is characterized by a broad base of reviewers working in various Egyptian and Arab universities. This has had a great impact in enriching the process of reviewing the journal's researches, and working to promote scientific research and develop research efficiency to serve the researcher on one hand, and raise the level of research published in the SJFCSR on the other hand.

     The SJFCSR will be published every six months (January and July) and is aimed at professionals in accounting, management, economics, statistics and insurance from academics, practitioners and decision makers.

  • Scientific Journal of the Faculty of Education - Damietta University

    Scientific journal published by Faculty of education- Damietta University

     Half yearly    (January- July)

    The first number was in 1984



  • Damietta faculty of law`s journal for legal and economic studies

    Damietta faculty of law`s  journal for legal and economic studies