Procedures for building a strategic map for the university

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The educational strategic map is a guide and guide for strategic leaders when they use strategic thinking tools seeking to analyze the university's internal and external environment.
The educational strategic map aims to exploit the intangible and intangible resources of the university in raising the results of the university’s performance and crystallizing these results in a clear and tangible way. The educational strategic map enables the university to gain competitive advantages as one of the modern and effective administrative methods and tools.
The strategic map is a development of a term that has emerged from Robert S. Kaplan and David B. Norton since the 1990s and is the Balanced Scorecard that is viewed as a performance measurement system that allows organizations to identify intangible assets such as people’s capabilities, data, and relationships. Customers in the strategic-focused organization. Kaplan and Norton showed how organizations achieved outstanding performance with the strategic map management system and the application of the Balanced Scorecard in work by developing graphs describing how the organization can create added value for its outputs.

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