There is a database for the journal which includes presented researches for publishing according to the date of it under supervision from manager of editor it must include the following terms:-

  1. The name of the research (Arabic or English).
  2. The name of researcher.
  3. Decision of arbitrators:
  • Research is acceptable without adjustments.
  • Research is acceptable and not introduced to arbitrator again, it only revised by someone from editor staff.
  • Research is acceptable after making adjustments and re-introduced to arbitrators.
  • Research is not acceptable for publishing.
  • It is not allowed to publish these researches of this journal in another journal without written approval from head of editor this journal.
  • Research presented one original and three copies and electronic copy on cd.
  • Pages of study or research is not more than (20) plus summary of event of increase afine is applied.
  • Journal publishes researches in Arabic and English language, researcher must present abstract of research in English when he present research in Arabic and opposite.
  • Researches sent with the name of dean of faculty and chief of editor on the following address:

Damietta- New Damietta- Central area- Hasb Allah el Kafrawy Street.

  • Research should present endorsement that he was not publish the research in another journal or previous conference
  • Fees of presenting researches (40 pounds for one page), (50 pounds for each page more than "20" ).
  • Price for selling numbers of journal (50 pounds for Egyptians).
  • Grants and donations which accepted by editor staff in condition of making procedures.

(Instructions, policy and bases of publishing at

educational journal)

Editor staff has conditions, researches that is not following these conditions are not seen and these conditions as following:-

  • First/ Administrative conditions:
  • Journal of faculty of education- Damietta university publishes researches at these fields: Curriculums and ways of teaching, Foundations of education, comparative education, economics of education, educational psychology, psychological health, special education, technology of education and childhood, which are presented from teaching staff from Egyptian universities and others or researchers in universities, scientific institutions and centers.
  • Scientific researches should published in journal precedence.
  • Research presented (one original, three copies and electronic copy on cd) to secretary of editing journal with the fees of publishing and it can be sent on the e-mail: Mahmoud
  • All published in the journal express ideas of the owner of research and it is not express thinking of editor staff.
  • Editor staff choose two from arbitrators from professionals in their field of study in order to arbitrate this study or research to determine its suitability for publication according to model from digital library of the supreme council of universities.
  • Journal publishes articles of professors without money at maximum 20 pages.
  • Researches from masters and doctoral these are published.
  • All are published in this journal not allowed to publish in another way at any place without written approval from editor staff.
  • Researcher present endorsement which say that this research not published before or presented to another place until it published in the journal.



  • Technical conditions:
  • Research must be has not linguistic and spelling errors . and writing research, books and references according to scientific rules.
  • For Arabic language researches must be simplified with size (14) and titles with size (16).
  • Descriptions of page (size of paper iso p5), right and left of page must (2.5)cm. and it must be accurate in writing time tables.
  • Researches in English language must be written with (Time New Roman) , with size (14) and titles with size (16) and leaving distance between lines.
  • Arabic numbers are used at all sides of research.
  • Words of abstract not more than (200)word. And it must be Arabic abstract with research in English language.
  • In condition of publishing research, researcher take a copy from the journal and five from study.
  • Fees for publication:-
  • Publishing articles, studies and summaries for free with acceptance of board of directors.
  • For researchers from Egypt (800 pounds) as a fee to (20 pages) and there is (40 pounds) for arbitrates fees.
  • For researchers inside the faculty from teaching-staff (600 pounds) for publishing (20 pages) and 30 pounds for each other page. Plus  40 pounds for arbitrator’s
  • For researches outside Egypt (200 dollar) for publishing research to (20 pages).
  • Researches from master and PHD THESE:
  1. For Egyptian students (600 pound) for publishing the research but not more than (20) pages. After (20) pages every page costs 25 pounds. Plus (400) pounds for fees.
  2. For arrivals (200) dollar and after 20 papers each paper costs five dollar plus 100 dollar for arbitrator fees.