Technical organization for scientific publishing
Article (16): The magazine shall have Article (16): The magazine in the year 2005, the latest issue in the year 2005, shall have the latest issue for the date of its receipt.

The title of the research is "Two languages, one of which is Arabic".
The name of the researcher, his job and his work
The date of its submission to the journal and the date of its submission to the arbitrators
Names of the judges
The research is accepted for publication
The research is acceptable for publication after implementing the observations without submitting to the arbitrator once, but it is reviewed by reviewers to impose the conditions of the arbitrators.
The research is accepted for publication after implementing some observations with the review of the arbitrators again
The search is not accepted for publication
Article (17) A special status for the languages ​​related to the executive regulations of the arbitration, review and printing project, where the original of the research is presented from four copies written on the computer on one side only and is attached to the C.D research, and the following specifications are received:

Page size 17.5 * 25 cm
The margin is 3 cm in all margins of the paper.
simplified arabic address font
Title font size 15 Bold Bold.
Subtitle font size is 13Bold font.
The text font size is 13 pt
Line spacing "1"
Margins font size 11 font
Font size for headings under images and graphics font 9
Article (18) The magazine is issued and in return for it becomes a film correction company.

Publishing a publication in the publication of the scientific publication published in the magazine elsewhere, written permission from the editor-in-chief, but a summary of a publication published in the journal may be published, provided that a reference is made to the publication in it for the first time.